Our Philosophy

The world is an amazing place: new products, advanced technologies, and deeper experiences. Other players in our industry are getting more specialized, but the way we see it, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We approach new categories and problems with the whole toolbox.

This is how we create great product experiences.


Consumer IOT product development

Tovala's Smart Combination Oven

Follow the development of Tovala's first product, The Tovala Smart Oven. 


Consumer IOT product development

Smart Soil Moisture Sensors.

Learn more about how we helped PlantLink give plants a voice.


Consumer product development

Mobile Invention Kit.

Design for manufacturing improvement for popular Makey Makey brand.


Light-rail power electronics

Streetcar Power Supply.

Learn more about the design and manufacturing of a limited run power supply designed to convert 500VDC power from overhead wires into consistent onboard 120VAC.