Improving design, adding features, and cutting costs to an already successful product.



Makey Makey Go is a mobile Invention kit for the tinkerers, dreamer and makers. The USB powered device is a fun way to transform everyday objects into a keyboard or mouse buttons.


Joy Labs was hot off of their last product launch, they knew they needed to get costs down, while also adding a few more features to the 3rd version of their popular Makey Makey product line.

Tinker, dream and make—on-the-go.

The Product Manufactory needed to make Makey Makey the size of a USB stick. We redesigned the electric circuitry and layout to implement necessary modifications and created a unique and customized enclosure. The device uses more reliable and precise touch pad technology through capacitive sensing.


Testing our assumptions

100 prototypes are built as proof of concept using standardized and easy to program Atmel chips. This made testing and the move to production a quick and seamless process.

Keeping what works, maintaining a brand's image through design.

Refining the design of Makey Makey Go presented a fun opportunity to utilize something commonly hidden on most devices, the Printed Circuit Board, and utilize it as a branded element. TPM worked with the manufacturer to create a PCB that was functional, displayed the brand colors, and utilized exposed circuit traces to invert and stylize the UI.

Key Milestones


Q1 2015: TPM produced 100 Beta units

Q3 2015: Validations and ON TIME delivery of Joy Lab's 3rd Kickstarter Campaign.

Q4 2015: 2nd batch of units produced to meet demand. reordered



The Makey Makey GO is designed for the tinkerers, dreamers and makers in all of us. This portable invention kit allows the user to get creative anywhere with literally anything. Ordinary objects are transformed into keys and allow to connect with the world around us – like never before.

This was a great experience, and we continue to work with Joy Labs as they test and develop new product ideas.

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