PowerSpec was updating the power supplies on the historic New Orleans St. Charles Streetcar Line. When a complete redesign was required, The Product Manufactory joined in.



New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (NORTA) came to PowerSpec to update and replace the aging and out-dated power supplies on their historic 100-year-old St. Charles Streetcar Line. These critical power supplies convert the 500VDC Catenary power that drives the train car’s electric motors, into standard 120VAC power to run the headlights, brake systems, onboard outlets, cabin lighting, and the original fareboxes that are still in use today.  



TPM designed and built a more electrically and mechanically superior power supply that would also be more easily attached and removed from the streetcars for maintenance.

TPM and Raptor Power Systems designed, tested, and manufactured replacement power supplies packed with modern up-to-date electronics, and many improvements to the mechanical mounting system and power coupling connector.

Improving an existing design


Working with industry experts, Power Spec and the NORTA maintenance staff, TPM developed, tested, and oversaw production the modern power system

Adding additional value to the client

We went above and beyond the project expectations to make the units easier to disconnect and reattach to the streetcars. This feature was not in the original spec, but it has turned out to be of great value to the client.

With the benefits of a durable electronics design, and thoughtfully designed mounting systems and power coupling connections, the NORTA train operators and technicians can more effectively keep trains in operating service out on the transit line.

Let there be light!



In April 2016, NORTA began using the new units on-board. The result was a decrease in down time, reliable onboard power for cabin lighting, outlets, fare-box, headlights, and reduced maintenance costs.

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